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Aerial view of UCSD campus looking South

Geisel Library - Nobel Laureates at UCSD

Discovery of new atmospheric reaction garners prize

Urey Hall Addition

Pacific Hall

Natural Sciences Building

The crystal structure of a group II intron in the pre-catalytic state

Geisel Library Walk

York Hall

Structure of an inhibitor of hepatitis C virus protein synthesis bound to its target in the viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) genome

ANCA probe staining amyloid plaques derived from Alzheimer’s-related Aβ peptides fluoresces as green and as yellow when derived from prion proteins (PrPSC)

Price Center

Generation of bio-resistive surface coatings on amyloids inhibits harmful protein-amyloid interactions associated with Alzheimer disease

Proposed schematic models of the interfacial binding surface of four different members of the Phospholipase A2 superfamily

Urey Hall and Pacific Hall

Characterization of the "inhibitor binding pocket" in the catalytic domain of the calcium-independent phospholipase A2 with residues within a 5 A raidus of the inhibitor shown

A Crystalline Singlet Phosphinonitrene: a Nitrogen Atom Transfer Agent

Mayer Hall

Drug candidate in orange envelope bound to UPPS

Possible binding modes for phospholipase A2 via its membrane interaction site, another allosteric site, and its catalytic site


NSF Awards $20 Million for Continued Study of Aerosols at UC San Diego
UC San Diego’s largest center gets five-year extension. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has renewed a groundbreaking University of California San Diego atmospheric chemistry research program with a $20 million grant that will support operations for a second five-year period. The grant will enable the NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment (CAICE) to launch new studies into how pollution interacts with natural ocean-produced aerosols. CAICE is led by Professor Kimberly Prather, Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry and a faculty member at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San Diego and is one of the Centers of Chemical Innovation supported by the Chemistry Division of NSF. CAICE involves many researchers in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Scripps Institution of Oceanography as well as researchers at other academic institutions including Yale, UC Davis, UC Irvine, University of Iowa, Ohio State University, Skidmore College and Colorado State University. Congratulations to Professor Prather and the members of CAICE on this renewal grant. More Information...

Prof. Robert Continetti named Senior Associate Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs.
Dr. Continetti will serve as a principal advisor to Executive Vice Chancellor Simmons on all Academic Personnel matters, and provide leadership at the intersection between the academic mission and administrative processes in the key areas of Academic Planning, Resource Management and Planning, and Space and Capital Planning for the General Campus. In this role, he will oversee and manage the Senate and non-Senate academic personnel process, serving as the EVC’s primary liaison with the Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP), and providing oversight for academic compensation and academic employee relations matters. In coordination with the Deans of Undergraduate Education and Graduate Division, he will administer the planning and implementation of new campus academic programs and initiatives that involve multiple divisions within the General Campus divisions or academic divisions across campus, such as the Strategic Academic Program Development (SAPD) initiative. He will co-lead the campus re-accreditation process with the Dean of Undergraduate Education, and will contribute to numerous collaborative Senate-Administration efforts.

Prof. Emeritus John Wheeler receives The Edward A. Dickson Award
Prof. Emeritus John Wheeler receives The Edward A. Dickson Award. Edward A. Dickson served as a Regent of the University of California from 1913 to 1946, the longest tenure of any regent. In 1955, Mr. Dickson presented the university with an endowment to support and maintain special annual professorships to be awarded to retired academic senate faculty members. Dickson stipulated that the earnings from this endowment would both stimulate and recognize emeriti for their continuing service, teaching, and research. Congratulations Prof. Wheeler! For more information click More Information...

Professor Judy Kim named 2018 Fellow of the American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society (ACS) has awarded the distinction of fellow to Professor Judy Kim. The ACS Fellows Program recognizes and honors members of the American Chemical Society for their outstanding achievements in and contributions to the science and the profession and for their equally exemplary service to the Society. Professor Kim was recognized for her contributions to biophysical chemistry and spectroscopy, with a focus on membrane protein folding and amino acid radicals, and for her service to the Division of Physical Chemistry, including the Biophysical Subdivision and Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Awards, as well as her leadership as Vice Chair of the Graduate Education Advisory Board. Professor Kim has been a faculty member at UC San Diego since 2005. She has developed a program focused on biophysical chemistry where she investigates biomolecules in cell membranes. Her research exemplifies the exciting progress that can be made in understanding biological processes by working at the intersection of chemistry, physics, and biology. Besides her research, Professor Kim has been a leader in undergraduate and graduate education and served as Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry from 2012 to 2017. She will be honored at the Fall 2018 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston this August. We congratulate to Professor Kim for receiving this well-deserved distinction!

Antifreeze Proteins Stop Ice Cold
To survive subzero temperatures, some insects possess special antifreeze proteins that allow their bodies to resist freezing by binding to the surface of new ice crystals, preventing them from further crystallization in the insects’ bodies. Determining the exact mechanism for this process has proven difficult, however, due to the need to separate the signal of the small area around the protein binding with the ice from that of the surrounding water and ice surface. Prof. Paesani and postdoc Daniel Moberg teamed up with Prof. Molinero and her graduate student Arpa Hudait of the University of Utah. Together, they examined this system at multiple temporal and spatial resolutions to both explain how this binding may occur and provide the first infrared and Raman spectra of the isolated binding site. The study is reported in the July 9th issue of PNAS. More Information...

Galperin Lab Developing a Unifying Framework for Molecular Optoelectronics
Optical spectroscopy has long been a first line molecular characterization method. As our technology has advanced to the nanoscale, experimentalists can now couple optical spectroscopy with single-molecule, current-carrying nanojunctions. In a recent publication in Chemical Society Reviews, Galperin argues that the theoretical approach traditionally used in non-linear optical spectroscopy, bare perturbation theory formulated in Liouville space, falls short when nanojunctions are subject to bias or a quantized radiation field.  Rather, he proposes that a non-equilibrium Green’s function approach is a convenient tool to study quantum transport tied to either classical or quantum radiation. Adoption of a unifying theoretical framework may help the community gain greater insight into fundamental processes, and ultimately may help guide the design and development of molecular logic devices, sensors, or photovoltaics. More Information...

Professor Yuen-Zhou Receives DOE Early Career Award
The Office of Science has selected 84 scientists from across the nation—including 55 from U.S. universities—to receive significant funding for research as part of the DOE’s Early Career Research Program. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry’s Joel Yuen Zhou was one of the new awardees who will receive $150,000 during each of the next five years for salary and expenses related to his work on emergent photophysics and photochemistry of molecular polaritons. More Information...


Faculty Spotlight

View profile for Amaro, Rommie
Amaro, Rommie

Computational Chemistry and Biophysics

View profile for Brydges, Stacey
Brydges, Stacey

Chemical Education: Development of context-rich curriculum; Use of collaborative learning strategies in large lectures; Communication of chemistry

View profile for Burkart, Michael
Burkart, Michael

Natural product synthesis/biosynthesis, Biological chemistry and enzymology, Metabolic engineering.

View profile for Bussey, Thomas
Bussey, Thomas

Chemical Education: Visual Literacy in Science, Biochemistry Education, Nano Science Education, K-20 Professional Development, and STEM Career Development

View profile for Cohen, Seth
Cohen, Seth

Bioinorganic and coordination chemistry. Metalloprotein inhibitors and supramolecular materials.

View profile for Continetti, Robert
Continetti, Robert

Dissociation dynamics of transient species, three-body reaction dynamics, novel mass-spectrometric methods

View profile for Crowell, John
Crowell, John

Materials chemistry, surface kinetics of metals/semiconductors, CVD, photo-induced deposition, thin-film spectroscopy.

View profile for Debelouchina, Galia
Debelouchina, Galia

Chemical and spectroscopic approaches for structural biology of complex biological systems

View profile for Dennis, Edward
Dennis, Edward

Biochemistry: phospholipase A2, signal transduction in macrophages, lipid maps, prostaglandin regulation, mass spec of lipids and proteins.

View profile for Deshmukh, Lalit
Deshmukh, Lalit

Solution NMR spectroscopy, retroviruses, protein and nucleic acid biochemistry

View profile for Devaraj, Neal
Devaraj, Neal

Biomimetic Chemistry, Molecular Imaging, Chemical Biology

View profile for Dixon, Jack
Dixon, Jack

Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase, Dual=specific Phosphatase, PTEN

View profile for Donoghue, Daniel
Donoghue, Daniel

Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFRs) in Human Cancer

View profile for Figueroa, Joshua
Figueroa, Joshua

Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Small Molecule Activation and New Transformations.

View profile for Galperin, Michael
Galperin, Michael

Electron Transport in Condensed Phases. Dissipation and Relaxation Processes. Non-equilibrium Open Quantum Systems. Molecular Electronics.

View profile for Ghosh, Gourisankar
Ghosh, Gourisankar

Biochemistry and biophysics: transcription, signaling, pre-mRNA splicing, mRNA transport, protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA interactions

View profile for Ghosh, Partho
Ghosh, Partho

Mechanisms of bacterial and protozoan pathogenesis, and host response against infectious microbes.

View profile for Godula, Kamil
Godula, Kamil

Nanotechnologies for analysis of glycan function during development. Glycomaterials for stem cell-based tissue regeneration.

View profile for Grassian, Vicki
Grassian, Vicki

Surface science of complex environmental interfaces: heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry of sea spray and mineral dust; aerosol impacts on climate; applications and implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

View profile for Hermann, Thomas
Hermann, Thomas

RNA as a Drug Target and a Material for Nanotechnology

View profile for Jennings, Patricia
Jennings, Patricia

Biophysical chemistry: protein structure, dynamics and folding; 2, 3 and 4D NMR spectroscopy; PCR; equilibrium and kinetic-fluorescence, absorbance and circular dichroism spectroscopies

View profile for Joseph, Simpson
Joseph, Simpson

Molecular Mechanism of Protein Synthesis

View profile for Kim, Judy
Kim, Judy

Biophysical chemistry: Spectroscopic studies of membrane protein folding and dynamics

View profile for Klosterman, Jeremy
Klosterman, Jeremy

Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Photophysics, Crystal Engineering and Playing with Molecules in 3D

View profile for Komives, Elizabeth
Komives, Elizabeth

Structure, function, dynamics and thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions: NMR, mass spectrometry and kinetics

View profile for Komor, Alexis
Komor, Alexis

DNA damage and repair; Genome editing

View profile for Kubiak, Clifford
Kubiak, Clifford

Inorganic, materials, and physical chemistry: electron transfer, catalysis, fixation and utilization of carbon dioxide.

View profile for Kummel, Andrew
Kummel, Andrew

STM/STS of gate oxides on compound semiconductors and adsorbates on organic semiconductor

View profile for Lindenberg, Katja
Lindenberg, Katja

Theoretical chemical physics: non-equilibrium statistical mechanics; stochastic processes; nonlinear phenomena; complex systems; condensed matter.

View profile for Mccammon, J. Andrew
Mccammon, J. Andrew

Statistical mechanics and computational chemistry, with applications to biological systems

View profile for McHugh, Colleen
McHugh, Colleen

RNA-protein interactions; Assembly of RNPs; Structural biology of multimeric complexes

View profile for Molina, Mario
Molina, Mario

Physical Chemistry: Gas Phase Chemical Kinetics and Photochemistry; Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols; Air Pollution in Megacities of the Developing World

View profile for Molinski, Tadeusz
Molinski, Tadeusz

Organic chemistry of marine natural products, synthesis, NMR, and biomedical applications

View profile for Muller, Ulrich
Muller, Ulrich

Evolution of catalytic RNAs, and the Origin of Life

View profile for O'connor, Joseph
O'connor, Joseph

Organotransition metal; organic; physical organic; bioorganometallic; synthetic; and inorganic chemistry

View profile for Opella, Stanley
Opella, Stanley

NMR structural studies of proteins in membranes and other supramolecular assemblies

View profile for Paesani, Francesco
Paesani, Francesco

Theoretical chemical physics of complex interfaces of relevance to the environment

View profile for Pomeroy, Robert
Pomeroy, Robert

The application of analytical chemistry to forensic, environmental and industrial chemistry, then bridge these experiences into the classroom. This also includes the role technology and instrumentation play in discovery and problem solving.

View profile for Prather, Kimberly
Prather, Kimberly

Environmental, physical/analytical chemistry: gas/particle processes of tropospheric significance; mass spectrometry; laser-based analysis techniques.

View profile for Rinehart, Jeffrey
Rinehart, Jeffrey

Inorganic, materials, and magnetochemistry

View profile for Sailor, Michael
Sailor, Michael

Nanomaterials: porous silicon, chemical and biological sensors, biomaterials, electrochemistry

View profile for Schimpf, Alina
Schimpf, Alina

Spectroscopy, Inorganic Chemistry, Nanoscale Materials

View profile for Schmidt, Valerie
Schmidt, Valerie

Organic Synthesis, Catalysis, Organometallic Synthesis, Methodology Development

View profile for Sinha, Amitabha
Sinha, Amitabha

Experimental physical chemistry: photochemistry; laser spectroscopy; reaction dynamics of vibrationally excited molecules

View profile for Slade, Jonathan
Slade, Jonathan

Physical and Analytical Atmospheric Chemistry: Multiphase Chemistry and Kinetics of Atmospheric Aerosols and Trace Gases, and their Impacts on Air Quality and Climate

View profile for Tauber, Michael
Tauber, Michael

Physical chemistry; Optical and magnetic spectroscopy; Fundamental studies of charge transport and solvation; Applications to energy conversion and energy storage.

View profile for Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Susan

Structure, Function, Dynamics, and Localization of PKA as a Prototype for the Protein Kinase Superfamily.

View profile for Tezcan, Faik
Tezcan, Faik

Bioinorganic and biophysical chemistry; Materials and Biomaterials Chemistry, Protein Structure, Function and Evolution

View profile for Theodorakis, Emmanuel
Theodorakis, Emmanuel

Synthetic, Medicinal, Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry, Methods and Strategies in Natural Products Chemistry

View profile for Thiemens, Mark
Thiemens, Mark

Atmospheric chemistry: physical chemistry of isotope effects; solar system formation

View profile for Toor, Navtej
Toor, Navtej

Structure and Function of Introns and Retroelements

View profile for Tor, Yitzhak
Tor, Yitzhak

Ligand-nucleic acid interactions; Antiviral and antibacterial agents; Fluorescent nucleosides and nucleotides; Cellular delivery vehicles

View profile for Wang, Wei
Wang, Wei

epigenomics, cellular reprogramming, protein recognition, computational biology, systems biology

View profile for Weare, John
Weare, John

Physical chemistry: calculations of the dynamics of complex systems; theoretical geochemistry

View profile for Weizman, Haim
Weizman, Haim

Chemical education, Bioorganic chemistry

View profile for Xiong, Wei
Xiong, Wei

Investigation of Charge Dynamics and Molecular Conformations at Interfaces

View profile for Yang, Jerry
Yang, Jerry

Bioorganic Chemistry, Molecular Self-Assembly, Molecular Synthesis, Materials Chemistry, Bionanotechnology

View profile for Yuen-Zhou, Joel
Yuen-Zhou, Joel

Quantum optics + Theoretical chemistry

View profile for Zid, Brian
Zid, Brian

Gene Expression Control During Stress; mRNA Localization to Membrane-Less Compartments

Events and Seminars

09/19/2018 (Wed) at 03:00 PM
MS Thesis Defense
Guillermo Cardenas
Investigating the Role of K63-linked Polyubiquitination in Oncogenic IKKβ and BRAF Mutants
09/20/2018 (Thu) at 12:00 PM
Biochemistry Seminar
Professor Roop Mallik
Insulin Dependent Phosphatidic Acid Signaling Controls Triglyceride Secretion From the Liver
09/25/2018 (Tue) at 04:00 PM
Department Colloquia
Professor Joel Yuen Zhou
Chemistry of Molecules in Optical Cavities
09/26/2018 (Wed) at 03:00 PM
Department Colloquia
Professor Guy Bertrand
Stable Carbenes and Related Species: From Laboratory Curiosities to Powerful Tools
09/27/2018 (Thu) at 12:00 PM
Department Colloquia
Professor Elizabeth Komives
Biophysical Insights into Transcription Control Mechanisms
10/01/2018 (Mon) at 03:00 PM
Department Colloquia
Professor Brian Zid
mRNA Localization and the Control of Protein Synthesis Across Dynamic Cellular States
10/03/2018 (Wed) at 03:00 PM
Department Colloquia
Professor Kamil Godula