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For Chemisty and Biochemistry Department members.


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The site authenticates against UCSD's Business Systems (Single Sign-On) service. You must have an active Single Sign-On account and your UCSD's Payroll and Personnel (PPS) record must indicate that you are in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

To learn more about the three major UCSD Authentication Systems, please visit the Getting or Changing UCSD Passwords page on Blink.

If you are new to the Department and still have not Self-Registered, please visit the Single Sign-On: How to Self-Register page on Blink.

Note that before you can Self-Register, either the Department's HR group (for Staff/Faculty) or the Student Affairs group (for graduate students) must have initiated a PPS record for you.

Access from outside UCSD requires an established VPN session. You can learn more about the UCSD VPN Service by visiting the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) at UCSD page on Blink

Available Software:  
Adobe Acrobat DC (2017)  
Adobe Acrobat DC (2015)  
Adobe Acrobat Pro 11
Matlab R2018a  
Gaussian 09 EM64T SSE4/Linux w/LINDA (Rev D.01)  
Gaussian 09 UNIX Workstation Source (rev D.01)  
Gaussian 09 Intel MAC OS X 64-bit (rev C.01)  
GaussView EM64T Linux (rev 5.0.9)  
ChemOffice Professional version 15.1  
Sophos Installers for Windows/macOS/Linux  
Microsoft Office 2019 (Windows/macOS)  
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit and 32-bit)