Newsam, John
Skin structure and properties, High throughput experimentation, Computational Modeling, Entrepreneurship

Contact Information
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
CEO, Tioga Research, Inc.
CEO, Bio4Front, Inc.

Office: Urey Hall Addn
1980 DPhil, Chemistry, Oxford University
Awards and Academic Honors
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Bronze Edison Award, Science & Medical Category (together with UCSB & fqubed colleagues)
Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry
Wissenschaftpreis 2001 des Stifterverbandes (together with the other co-founders of hte Aktiengesellschaft)
Award for Excellence in Catalysis (Catalysis Society of Metropolitan NY)
Corday-Morgan Prize and Medal (awarded by UK Royal Society of Chemistry)
Sidhu Award (awarded by Pittsburgh Diffraction Society)
Research Interests
Business innovation and entrepreneurship is a prime interest - exploring how creativity, knowledge and insight can be combined to create an environment for the emergence of fresh, yet useful ideas. This interest includes working with undergraduates in a classroom context (CHEM192: Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Sciences and the BISP194: Introduction to Biotechnology Business: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, co-developed and delivered with Prof. M. J. Sailor). It also entails immersion in the day-to-day issues of a small company environment (that of Tioga Research), exploring new frameworks for university technology commercialization, and considering entrepreneurship in a more global context.

Human skin is a fascinating material. We pursue development of soft materials suitable for delivering one or more molecular entities, particularly small molecular pharmaceuticals, into or through the skin; we consider high throughput experimentation (“HTE") methods for screening the effect of such soft materials on skin properties; and we are intrigued by the details of the structure of skin and the permeation pathways it supports. More broadly, we continue to consider approaches for HTE and for molecular simulation in materials discovery and development.
Primary Research Area
Inorganic Chemistry
Interdisciplinary interests
Computational and Theoretical

Outreach Activities
Proactive encouragement to hire diverse full-time and part-time staff, notably interns from the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement Alliance (MESA) program at Southwestern College, Chula Vista, California.

Selected Publications