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Welcome Message from the Chair

Edward A. Dennis
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacology

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Welcome New Faculty

Teaching Professor Mark Young
Assistant Professor Jonathan Slade
Assistant Teaching Professor Brian Leigh
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Physical/Analytical Seminar
01/22/2019 (Tue) at 04:00 PM
NSB Auditorium 1205

Professor Naomi Halas
Nanomaterials and Light for Sustainability and Societal Impact

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Inorganic Seminar
01/24/2019 (Thu) at 12:00 PM
Professor Maria Baias
NMR Endeavors in the World of Drugs and Art Forgers

Inorganic Seminar
01/25/2019 (Fri) at 11:00 AM
Professor Martin Högbom
Discovery of undescribed metal and radical-based enzymatic chemistry -small data, low throughput science

Recruitment Seminar
01/28/2019 (Mon) at 11:00 AM
Itay Budin, PhD
Exploring the Private Life of Lipids in Cell Membranes and Whole Organisms

Organic Seminar
01/28/2019 (Mon) at 11:00 AM
Professor Maciej Walczak

Recruitment Seminar
01/30/2019 (Wed) at 11:00 AM
Andres Jara-Oseguera
Sensing and gating mechanisms in TRP ion channels

Special Seminar
01/30/2019 (Wed) at 12:00 PM
Professor Jon Clardy
Molecular Messages in the Human Gut Microbiome

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