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Welcome Message from the Chair

Edward A. Dennis
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacology

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Welcome New Faculty

Assistant Professor Tatiana Mishanina
Assistant Professor Mark Herzik
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Inorganic Seminar
02/15/2019 (Fri) at 11:00 AM
Pacific Hall 4500

Professor Xavier Roy
Molecular Clusters: Building Blocks for Nanoelectronics and Material Design

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Physical/Analytical Seminar
02/19/2019 (Tue) at 04:00 PM
Professor Martin Zanni
New insights into singlet fission and the KcsA potassium channel from ultrafast 2D spectroscopies

Thesis Defense
02/20/2019 (Wed) at 02:00 PM
Sophia P Hirakis
Multiscale analysis and visualization of biophysical structure and biochemical function with computational microscopy

Biochemistry Seminar
02/21/2019 (Thu) at 12:00 PM
Professor Mark Hall
Phosphatase specificity in cell cycle control: the curious case of Cdc14”

Inorganic Seminar
02/22/2019 (Fri) at 11:00 AM
Professor Massimiliano Delferro
Homogeneous Catalysis Meets Heterogeneous Catalysis: Alkanes and Alkenes Transformations

Special Seminar
02/26/2019 (Tue) at 12:00 PM
Professor Ahmet Yildiz
The Mechanism of Dynein Motility

Physical/Analytical Seminar
02/26/2019 (Tue) at 04:00 PM
Professor Christopher Johnson
Disentangling the Intermolecular Interactions Governing Atmospheric New Particle Formation

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