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Course Updates

Please refer to the UCSD General Catalog for a comprehensive listing of our courses.  The following are new and updated course offerings in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for the Academic Year.

Academic Year 2017-2018:

   1. Organic Chemistry (CHEM 140A, 140B, 140C, 143A, and 143AM) Renumbering: CHEM 140A, 140B, 140C, 143A,            and 143AM have been renumbered to CHEM 40A, 40B, 40C, 43A, and 43AM, respectively. For more information                on this change, please visit our FAQ page.  

Academic Year 2016-2017:

  1. CHEM 1 Scope of Chem and Biochem: This new seminar course connects first-year students with the chemistry community (peers, staff, faculty, and other researchers) as they explore learning resources, study strategies, professional development, and current areas of active research. With an emphasis on academic and career planning, the series will feature guest lectures by UC San Diego faculty, staff, as well as industrial scientists and representatives from professional organizations such as the American Chemical Society (ACS). 

Academic Year 2015-2016:

  1. CHEM 7LM- NEW General Chemistry Majors Lab: Effective Winter, 2015 we introduced a new Chemistry Major lab (CHEM 7LM).  The curriculum is the same as the CHEM 7L lab, but the majors lab gives chemistry majors more of an opportunity to take this important prerequisite course earlier on in your academic career. It's also your first chance to take courses with other chemistry majors and begin to network.  The course will be offered in winter and spring quarter.  The same lab course policies apply for CHEM 7LM and CHEM 7L.

  2. CHEM 100A will not be offered during Summer Session 2015.

  3. CHEM 100B and 100BL has been condensed.  Beginning in Winter 2015, you will only see CHEM 100B on the Schedule of Classes.  CHEM 100B will now incorporate both lecture and lab. This course will only be offered in winter and spring.  

  4. CHEM 114B- NEW PREREQUISITE: Effective Winter 2015, CHEM 114B now requires CHEM 140B, in addition to CHEM 114A or BIBC 100, as a prerequisite to enroll.

  5. CHEM 118 - UPDATED PREREQUISITE: Effective Winter 2015, CHEM 118 requires CHEM 114A only. CHEM 118 is now open to all majors.
  6. CHEM 140A - UPDATED PREREQUISITE: Effective Fall 2015, the prerequisite for CHEM 140A is CHEM 6B (or 6BH).
  7. CHEM 126 and 127 will be offered twice this Academic Year.  Look for CHEM 127 this Fall, CHEM 126 this Winter and both 126 and 127 this Spring.

  8. CHEM 133 has been renumbered.  CHEM 133 is now shown as CHEM 130.  Instead of being offered in Spring, CHEM 130 will now be offered in Fall quarter.  The course content is the same so they are interchangable.

  9. CHEM 143C and 143D will both be offered in Fall 2015. 

  10. CHEM 141 Organic Nanomaterials - NEW COURSE Chemistry Elective:  See Course Catalog for detailed description.  To enroll, students must have previously taken CHEM 140C (or 140CH).
  11. CHEM 194/259 Chemical Process Development in the Pharmaceutical and Related Industries - Special Topics Course with Prof. Albizati offered WI16.  More information.
  12. CHEM 143AM (previously numbered as CHEM 143AH) - CHEM 143AM is open to all students who have met the pre-requisites (CHEM 7L & CHEM 140A), but Chemistry/Biochemistry majors are especially encouraged to enroll. The course content in CHEM 143AM is equivalent to CHEM 143A, but 143AM emphasizes instrumental methods of product identification, separation, and analysis.  The same lab enrollment and safety policies apply to CHEM 143AM and CHEM 143A.