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Policies and Deadlines

See below for course deadlines, policies, and procedures for chemistry classes and labs.

General Policies


For more information on how to request exceptions to University deadlines and policies (late add, late/retroactive withdrawal with or without a ‘W’, change of grading option, receiving course credit from a different university etc.), please visit the link here.  Please note that exceptions to the published University deadlines and policies are usually granted only in extenuating circumstances beyond your control (computer error, hospitalization, etc). Documentation is strongly recommended.  


  • If a class you hope to add is full, get on the WebReg waitlist during your appointment time (Waitlisting is only available during second pass).
  • The wait list sequence is first-come, first-served. Be sure to enroll during your appointment time!
  • An automated computer program will move eligible students off the WebReg waitlists and into classes as seats become available. It will run nightly through the end of the second week of the quarter.
  • The program will send messages to your @ucsd email if you are added to the class via waitlist.

Further information regarding waitlists can be found here.

Late Adds

 Students wishing to add a CHEM course after the university add deadline may submit a late-add petition to the Chemistry Department.  This includes a late-add card (signed by the instructor) and a petition form to be submitted no later than Wednesday of Week 3.  Only students with extenuating circumstances should submit a petition.  Being on the waitlist for a class does not constitute an exceptional circumstance for a late-add request.  Petition approvals/disapprovals are largely based on the student’s justification for the request and whether there is space available in the class.


Check your @ucsd email regularly. Announcements about wait lists, schedule changes and cancellations, and lab safety exams are sent to your account. For information on procedures for forwarding messages to an alternative email address, visit

Transfer Courses and Prerequisites 

If you completed a Chemistry course prerequisite at another college and the credit does not appear on your UCSD transcript, you will likely need to submit an EASy request to gain clearance. 

Adding and Dropping Courses

WebReg is used for adds of open sections through the end of the add period and drops through the drop deadline. If you are pre-authorized by the department to add a course, you still must log on to WebReg and add it.

For more information on UC San Diego enrollment procedures:

Grade Policies

W grades

Effective Spring 2008, a student may receive a maximum of one W per course per Academic Senate Regulation 500(F)(C). If you are repeating a lecture course in which you previously received a "W", you must drop by Friday of Week 4 or complete the course. 

D grades

D grades are considered passing and you will receive units for a course in which you receive a D.  Please note: Chemistry majors may only graduate with 1 D grade in upper division coursework.  That means if you receive more than one D in your upper division courses, you would have to repeat the D grades until you only have 1 D grade. 

Repeating a class

You can only repeat classes for which you receive a D or an F.  If you retake a class where you received higher than a D, you will not receive units for it, nor will it replace the old grade in your GPA. For information on how to repeat a class and eligability please visit Special Enrollment website.

If you wish to retake a course for the third time you must contact your college for approval. 

P/NP vs Letter Grade

The deaprtment of Chemistry and Biochemistry requires that all students take their major required courswork for a letter grade.  This includes all lower division (Math, Physics, Biology) and upper division work.  The only exception to this rule is for courses that do not offer a letter grade (CHEM 199, Freshman and Senior Seminars, etc).  The rule of thumb is: If the course is used to fulfill a major requirement you must take it for a letter grade. 

Major GPA

All Chemistry and Biochemistry majors must earn a 2.0 Major GPA to be eligable to graduate with a chemistry degree.  

Department Residency

All Chemistry and Biochemistry majors must complete 48 units of upper division chemistry coursework through our department to be eligable to graduate with a chemistry degree. 

Lab Policies

If you will be taking any of our lab courses, please read the following tabs for important information.  The information provided is the students responsibility to understand.

Add/Drop Deadline

The deadline to add, or to drop a CHEM lab course without a "W", is before the end of the second scheduled lab meeting.

The deadline to drop a CHEM lab course with a W is Friday of 6th Week


 First Lab Meeting Attendence is MANDATORY – No exceptions!

Check the individual class schedules for first-day information. Students who miss the first 30 minutes of the first lab meeting of the quarter will be administratively dropped from the course. Come prepared to work: bring textbook, lab notebook, knee-length lab coat, closed shoes, and goggles.

Lab Safety Exam

All students in CHEM 7L, 7LM, 43A, 43AM and 100A are required to demonstrate an understanding of general lab safety and of the UC San Diego Chemistry Teaching Laboratory Rules. Passing the Lab Safety Exam fulfills this requirement: students who do not pass the Lab Safety Exam will be administratively dropped from the course with a grade of "W", if applicable.

Please refer to the notes above regarding "W" grades or see:

Lab Safety Education is a self-study program, with assistance from staff, as requested. Information on general lab practices and our specific rules can be found on the web at: 


Students who enroll in CHEM lab courses are charged a lab fee assessed with Registration fees. The fees are:

 CHEM 43AM, CHEM 100A, CHEM 105A, CHEM 105B
 CHEM 143B
 CHEM 143C
 CHEM 100B
 CHEM 108, CHEM 109, CHEM 123, CHEM 143D


Add Courses Friday of 2nd Week
Drop Labs without a W End of second lab meeting*
Drop Labs with a W Friday of 6th Week *New Deadline Effective FA18*
Drop Courses without a W Friday of 4th week
Drop Courses with a W Friday of 6th week *New Deadline Effective FA18*
Submit CHEM 99/199 form online Friday of Week 1 of the quarter you will be conducting research


*Please note: the deadline to add/drop LAB COURSES differs from the add/drop deadlines for all other courses! 

See the current Enrollment & Registration Calendar for specific deadline dates.