Transfer Students

New Transfer Student Info Session  (Online)

In an effort to broadly address student questions during new student enrollment time, we are offering Online Small Group Info Sessions and General Advising for Transfer Students during the following days/times:

Friday, August 10th
9AM - Noon (Sessions Start Every 45 Minutes at 9am, 9:45am, 10:30am, and 11:15am)

Friday, August 17th
1:30PM - 4PM (Sessions Start Every 45 Minutes at 1:30pm, 2:15pm, and 3pm)

Each online session will be through Google Hangouts which allows 10 participants at a time.  Spots are available to the first nine accounts who log-in, and will open up to others on a rolling basis as participants log-off.  

Use the following link to join Google Hangouts:

The back-to-back Info and Advising Sessions will be approximately 45 mins, with time for general Q & A.


Who should I contact if I have questions about my major?

You have several options to get your question answered. Visit the Advising page for details.

For less complex, time-sensitive questions:

  • Contact the Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Advisors through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)
  • Stop by YORK 4010 for Walk-In Advising 
  • Call the Chemistry Academic Advising office at 858-534-4856 

For long term course planning or more in depth questions:

We recommned you attend the Transfer Info Session.  See Announcements for details.

How do I petition my transfer courses for UCSD equivalent course credit?

Chemistry Courses

You may need to submit a Course Substitution Petition. Visit our Petition page for details.

We strongly recommend that all petitions and supporting documentation be submitted as soon as possible so we can attempt to have a final outcome on your petition prior to your Fall enrollment period.  Please note petitions are not guaranteed to be approved and can take up to 4 weeks to be processed. You will be notified of the final outcome through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).

Non-Chemistry Transfer Courses

Each department is responsible for evaluating relevant coursework for potential UCSD equivalency. For example, the Biology Department reviews biology coursework, the Mathematics Department reviews math coursework, etc. For course and petition information in Biology, Math or Physics, please contact each department individually.

Biology Division
Phone: (858) 534-0557
Office: Pacific Hall 1128

Math Department
Phone: (858) 534-3590
Office: Applied Physics & Mathematics Building (AP&M), Room 7409

Physics Department
Phone: (858) 534-1745
Office: 2581 Mayer Hall Addition


How will the classes I’ve taken elsewhere transfer to UCSD and to the major?

If you took coursework at a California community college* that contains an articulation agreement on, you should receive transfer credit automatically. For example, if you took CHEM 1A and 1B from Pasadena City College, you should automatically receive credit for CHEM 6A, 6B, 6C, and 7L at UCSD once UCSD Admissions has posted your transfer classes to your academic history.

Once your transfer classses have been posted to your academic history, make sure to check your record for accuracy.

The courses I took are listed on with UCSD approximations, but the UCSD chemistry credit is missing from my Academic History. What do I do?

If you took your chemistry coursework at two separate community colleges in SEPARATE DISTRICTS, you will need to submit a Course Substitution Petition.

If you took your chemistry coursework at two separate community colleges in the SAME DISTRICT (e.g. San Diego Mesa College and San Diego City College), please contact the Chem Dept. via VAC. It may be that the system didn't assign the credit automatically and we may need to update your credit manually.

How can I switch to a major in the Chemistry Department?

All 5 majors in the Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry are not capped and can be declared online via the Major/Minor tool. You are eligible to change your major after enrolling in your first regular quarter of classes.

Before you change into one of our majors, we recommend you do the following:

  • Read about the department's 5 majors and their requirements
  • Check with your current major department regarding their policy for readmission into their majors (in case you change your mind). For example, majors in the Division of Biological Sciences are capped, and require application into the major.)
  • Ask Chemistry Advising questions via VAC or walk-in advising

Chemistry lectures and labs were taught as one course where I took them. However, at UCSD, they are taught separately. How will my classes transfer to UCSD? may provide the answer. If not, you will need to petition.

How many classes or units for the major must I complete at UCSD?

You need to complete at least 48 upper-division units of coursework within the Chemistry Department to earn your Chemistry degree.  This requirement is known as Department Residency.  Lower-division coursework does not apply to the 48 unit Residency Requirement.

Be sure to check with your College on the number of upper-division units they require.

Are there courses you recommend I complete before I transfer to UCSD?

Yes. Please see the Transfer Prep page for more information. 


What if I can’t take all those courses - which ones are the most important?

Focus on general chemistry and calculus first since these are prerequisites for all other chemistry, physics, and math courses you will need for the degree.

Pharmacological Chemistry majors should then try to take one year of biology with lab.

If you do not find answers to your questions here please contact us via the Virtual Advising Center
Virtual Advising Center