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Academic Advising Services

Please check this page regularly for updates! It is expected that you have read all our policies and guidelines seen below in our "Meet with An Advisor" tab before you utilize any of the options below.


Advising Expectations: 

What can you expect from your department academic advisor?

Department advisors will…

  • Explain department policies and procedures and university regulations
  • Help you with questions regarding enrollment, petitions, prerequisites, and anything related to your major requirements
  • Work with you to develop your long-term academic plan
  • Assist you with improving your decision-making skills and help you to develop autonomy and responsibility for your educational plans and achievements
  • Help you identify academic and career goals and provide recommendations to help you successfully meet those goals
  • Refer you to appropriate individuals, offices, and centers on campus
  • Provide a respectful and supportive space for you to ask questions, discuss interests and express concerns

What does your department academic advisor expect from you?

  • Read email or notifications sent from Chemistry Advising and the Registrar’s office
  • Use online resources to find information about courses, policies, deadlines, etc.
  • Schedule and attend an advising appointment at least once a year
    • Be courteous and respectful (e.g. schedule your appointment early, silence your phone during your appointment)
    • Come prepared; bring any relevant materials with you (written questions, quarter-by-quarter plan, draft schedule, etc.)
    • Arrive on time (a few minutes early, if possible) and check in at the front desk
  • Attend scheduled appointments or academic advising workshops
  • Ask questions during advising sessions or through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)
  • Review degree audit each quarter, particularly before enrollment times
  • Learn to use information about course descriptions, offerings, and prerequisites to draft a long-term academic plan
  • Follow-through on recommendations and referrals
  • Accept responsibility for choices and decisions

Learning outcomes for Chemistry/Biochemistry major advising sessions

  • Know how to use the degree audit system to monitor progress toward degree completion.
  • Identify specific educational, career, and life goals.
  • Make informed decisions concerning career goals or advanced education.
  • Establish social networks that help further career plans.
  • Appreciate the value added to their educational experience through mentoring and/or co-curricular opportunities.

Chemistry/Biochemistry Undergraduate Advising Staff


HANNA FOLEY, Undergraduate Affairs Manager

Hanna graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Applied Linguistics and has a background in education, peer mentoring, tutoring, and ESL teaching. In 2015, she moved back to her hometown of San Diego and soon after started her career in Student Affairs in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at UCSD. As a former transfer student herself, she understands the unique struggles that come with transitioning from community college to the UC system, and is happy to help students with this transition whenever possible. She is passionate about supporting students in achieving their academic goals, and getting all of their questions answered! Off the clock, she enjoys traveling, reading, biking, yoga, and trying every Thai restaurant in San Diego.

VANESSA REDONDO, Undergraduate Advisor and Coordinator

Vanessa is a UCSD alumni and got her B.S. in Environmental Chemistry. She has a background in advising UCSD students as well as experience in participating in on-campus organizations and labs at UCSD. As a first generation college student, she is excited about serving and connecting with students like herself and helping them through their journey to graduation. She is especially passionate about advocating for underrepresented students and bringing sustainability into the workplace. In her free time, Vanessa enjoys sewing her own clothes, rooting for the San Diego Padres, and tending to her small jungle of houseplants.

HALE DAIGLE, Undergraduate Advisor and Intake Coordinator

Hale graduated in May 2017 from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in Spanish. She first became a Triton that same year, studying for her Latin American Studies M.A., which she received in 2019. She was a Teaching Assistant for Sixth College's CAT writing program from 2017-2020. The experiences she had forming connections with students and having a critical role in their success and growth inspired her to pursue Student Affairs as a lifelong career. She returned to her alma mater of the University of Northern Colorado to receive her second M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership, which she will receive in May 2022. Hale loves being a reliable point of contact for students and is particularly passionate about easing them through the often scary and overwhelming times of transition that college presents. When she is not hard at work answering student concerns, she loves reading on San Diego's beautiful beaches, walking in Balboa park, practicing piano, lifting weights, and playing video games.

Meet With An Advisor

Drop-In Advising

Drop-in visits for current students are designed to last 10-15 minutes to ask quick questions of your advisors.  These questions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Quick questions about your chemistry/biochemistry major or minor requirements
  • Degree audit questions or corrections
  • Enrollment in a chemistry/biochemistry class
  • Planning your current or upcoming quarter classes
  • Our petition process
  • department policies or procedures

You may also ask these questions via the Virtual Advising Center (! 

Note that if you have a petition to submit (e.g. retroactive withdrawal, double major, maximum unit limitation appeals, study abroad forms, etc.), you must submit these to These forms will not be processed via drop-in advising.

Virtual Drop-In Advising Instructions 

In Summer 2022, virtual drop-in advising will take place:

Wednesday and Thursday
9:30AM-11:00AM and 2-3:30PM

WEEK 2 Wed, 7/6
Thurs, 7/7
Wed, 8/10
Thurs, 8/11
WEEK 3 Wed, 7/13
Thurs, 7/14
Wed, 8/17
Thurs, 8/18
WEEK 4 Wed, 7/20
Thurs, 7/21
Wed, 8/24
Thurs, 8/25
WEEK 5 Wed, 7/27
Thurs, 7/28
Wed, 8/31
Thurs, 9/1


Last drop-in/drop-in student will be taken at 10:45 in the morning and 3:15 in the afternoon. 

To sign in for drop-in advising, please follow the steps below:

1. SIGN IN REMOTELY: for the safety of our students and staff, we will no longer be allowing students to sign in for drop-in advising in our office.

To sign in for virtual drop-in advising, click here.

2. After you have signed in, please carefully follow the instructions on your screen. Your screen will update when it is your turn to be seen. You will also receive a text when it is your turn, if you have selected this option. 

Note that your place in line will only be held for a maximum of minutes for drop-in advising.


Advising appointments are 30 minute sessions intended for long-term (quarter-by-quarter) planning (including major planning for readmission purposes).

Note that the majority of your questions can be answered via the VAC or through drop-in/drop-in advising (see details above)!

We are offering virtual appointments in Summer 2022 (WEEKS 2-3), Monday-Tuesday 9:30AM, 10:15AM, 11:00AM, 1:30PM, 2:15PM, 3:00PM, and Wednesday-Thursday from 9-9:30AM. Advising appointments will not be conducted on Fridays. Please note that appointments may be limited for Summer 2022.

Click here for our Google form! 

Note: the appointment request form opens for submissions each Monday at 8:00AM and closes each Friday at 3:30PM.

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

Continuing students can submit a brief question 24-hours a day through the Virtual Advising Center, within the Ask a Question area. An advisor will respond within 72 business hours (and often sooner), and the response can be viewed in the Contact Record area. 

Use the VAC for quick questions about your chemistry/biochemistry major or minor requirement, your degree audit, enrollment in a chemistry/biochemistry class, planning your current or upcoming quarter classes, our petition process, department policies or procedures, etc. 

Important note: Response times may exceed three working days during enrollment periods and/or observed campus closures.

Peer Advising




Who are Peer Advisors?

Chemistry Peer Advisors are undergraduate students majoring in one of the degree programs and who are available to answer questions from fellow students.  It is especially helpful for freshmen and new transfers, but all are welcome!  They can provide insights on questions such as:

  • Why did you pick Chemistry as a major?
  • What is it like to be a Chemistry student at UCSD?  
  • What resources have you found helpful?
  • How did you get involved in research or teaching?
  • What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Have quick questions? Our Peer Advisors are also available via e-mail at




Ayuri Kirihennedige
Lead Peer Advisor 
2nd Year
UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy 7-year B.S./PharmD program

Ayuri is a second year pharmacy student at UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy as a part of the 7 year BS/PharmD Program. She has been with peer advising for 4 years, and also works as a pharmacy intern. Her dream is to work in the pharmaceutical industry after graduating. She also enjoys cooking Japanese food or baking French pastries in her free time. Her goals as a peer advisor are to help students utilize campus resources and help students plan their courses to succeed for the long-term



Montana Panec
Peer Advisor and Student Sucess Center Representative
3rd Year
UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy 7-year B.S./PharmD program

Montana is a third year pharmacy student at the UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences as part of the 7-year B.S./PharmD program. She completed her B.S. degree in pharmacological chemistry. She currently is an intern pharmacist at Sharp Medical Center and at Walgreens. She also is involved in oncology research through the Pharmacy School. After pharmacy school, she plans to complete a residency and specialize as an oncology pharmacist. In her free time, she enjoys going to the zoo, reading mystery novels, and playing the ukulele. Her goal as a peer advisor is to give back to the chemistry community by helping other students succeed and achieve their goals






Lu Yue Wang 
Peer Advisor
2nd Year  
UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy 7-year B.S. PharmD program

Lu Yue is a second year pharmacy student in the 7-year BS/PharmD program. Her ideal career is in clinical pharmacy and she is interested in studying geriatrics and psychiatry. Her hobbies are art, baking, music, and spending time with friends and family. As a peer advisor she aims to help students understand how they can achieve their goals, whether it's getting their first research position, planning their schedule, or doing better in class



Aidan Tice-Raskin
Peer Advisor
4th Year 
Biochemistry Major

Aidan is a fourth-year Biochemistry major in Sixth College. He is doing research on-campus in the Burkart lab, studying fatty acid biosynthesis in mycobacterium tuberculosis. Aidan has plans of going to medical school and hopefully, one day, will become a pediatrician. Coming from Northern California, Aidan enjoys skiing, hiking, and everything involving friends and family.New to the peer advising team, he enjoys peer advising because he too in confused by college academia and loves helping people. 


Samantha Champ
Peer Advisor
4th Year 
Chemistry Major

Sam is a fourth year Chemistry major and biology minor at Warren College. She is a second-year transfer student from Monterey California. Sam would like to pursue a research career that lets her follow many of her interests from environmental toxicology to medicinal chem. In her free time, she likes drawing and working on her language skills. Her goal as a Chemistry Peer Advisor is to help students successfully reach their goals and navigate their way through undergrad.