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San Diego Virtual MedChem Symposium

Organized by
Dr. Ben Pratt, Dr. Mark Tichenor, Dr. David Wallace - San Diego Section of the American Chemical Society
Dr. Emmanuel Theodorakis - UCSD Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


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8:25 AM Opening Remarks: Emmanuel Theodorakis
8:30 AM Dr. Scott Sutton, Pfizer
“The Discovery of PF-06873600, a CDK2/4/6 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Cancer”
9:15 AM Dr. Rommie Amaro, UC San Diego
“The Computational Microscopy of SARS-CoV-2”
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Dr. Svitlana Kulyk, Mirati
“Fragment based discovery of MRTX9768, a synthetic lethal inhibitor of PRMT5/MTA complex”
11:15 AM Dr. Ryan Shenvi, Scripps Research
“New cross-coupling methods through cage control”