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Welcome to our resources page! We hope this will help you find useful tools, positive groups/associations, and helpful websites. For more resources, please visit the Graduate Division Graduate Student Life page.

Tools and Websites You Should Know

Grad Division

The Grad Division is the central resource for Graduate Education at UCSD. You will find the answers to many questions you might have during your time here as a graduate student.


Blink is a great place to start looking for websites related to UC San Diego. It's a search engine that looks for websites within the UCSD Network.

Career Services

The Career Services Center helps UCSD students and alumni achieve their career goals through a variety of programs and resources including: career advising, on‐line job listings, workshops, job fairs, special events and extensive reference rooms.


We give faculty, staff, and students a wide variety of choices to ensure a comfortable living experience. Navigate housing information from the top-level and explore additional topics on the left.

International Center

The International Center's mission is to facilitate and promote UC San Diego's participation in global scholarship, international educational exchange, and scholarly investigation. Their work is integral to the University's larger goals of global collaboration and innovation.


Stay in the know with UCSD News!

Transportation and Parking

Learn more about Transportation and Parking at UC San Diego. Don't forget about the Free Bus Zones, Carpools, Car-Sharing: Zip Car, Pedal Club, Transit/Coaster Club, and more!

My TritonLink

This is a great place to start as it is for all current students. Check out the Toolbox full of good resources. Find more information on academics, finances and jobs, student life, wellness, and campus services.

Groups and Associations

Cross-Cultural Center

The CCC offers programs and services specifically designed to reflect UCSD’s commitment to excellence, scholarship, and community through cross‐cultural interactions. The center’s focus areas include: faculty, staff, and student exchanges, educational material and resources, student outreach and retention activities, speakers, film series, community outreach, support and discussion groups, and leadership development.

Graduate Student Association

The GSA is the official student government representing graduate and professional students. It is comprised of two or more representatives from each department and an internally elected executive board that leads bimonthly meetings. Functions of the GSA include allocation of the graduate student activity fee, the appointment of graduate students to campus‐wide committees, and the sponsorship of academic and social events. Graduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry select two regular members and one to two alternate GSA representatives at the beginning of each Fall quarter. See a list of registered student orgs.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

The LGBT Resource Center at UCSD is a diverse, open and public space for all members of the university community to explore issues relating to sexual and gender identities, practices and politics. It develops student leadership, builds workplace equity, promotes academic research, and provides resources. The Center challenges existing definitions of variant genders and sexualities by engaging in community building on‐ and off‐campus. This Center sustains and develops visibility, sense of community, and knowledge of diverse queer people.

UCSD Student-Parents Resource

The UCSD Health, Recreation, and Wellbeing has joined hands with the UCSD Grad Parents Network and the UCSD Undergrad Student Parents Network to support your academic achievement amidst the unique challenges and additional responsibilities you face as a student-parent.

UCSD Chemistry & Biochemistry Society for Women in Graduate Studies (SWIGS)

The primary goals of our group are to generate constructive discussion on various issues that affect women in the field, positively impact graduate student well-being by creating a supportive network, and build upon skills necessary for our professional development. We hold informal monthly meetings as well as larger networking and outreach events. Visit our website at, or contact us at to get on our mailing list or learn more about our organization. Click here to view our newsletter! Hope to see you soon!

Women's Center

The Women’s Center provides education and support on gender issues affecting UCSD students, faculty, staff, and the community. The Center aims to advance women’s intellectual, professional, and personal goals, and to increase awareness of the issues affecting women and men of diverse backgrounds and experiences. It offers quiet spaces for study and meetings, support groups and workshops, and children’s play and care space (parent must arrange for supervision of their children at all times).

Health and Wellness

Emergency Contact

Please make sure the Student Affairs Office has your up-to-date emergency contact information! Please click here to update this information. Additionally, don't forget to sign-up for the campus emergency notifications.

Counseling and Psychological Services

A staff of well‐qualified psychologists and counselors provide assistance to students who may be experiencing academic, emotional, personal, marital, family or vocational problems. Individual and group counseling, psychotherapy, marriage or relationship counseling, sex therapy, family therapy, behavioral and hypnotic techniques are available. Individual counseling and psychotherapy are offered within the context of a short‐term model. All services with the exception of specialized testing are available at no charge. Services are offered at all six college locations as well as the main center. Confidentiality is assured.

Office of Student with Disabilities

Every effort is made to accommodate students with disabilities. For more information on the support available for students with disabilities, please visit:

Health and Dental Coverage

The Student Health Center provides primary care during the academic year for all students who are enrolled and whose fees are paid. Summer Health Coverage and dental coverage has varied year‐to‐year; check with the Student Health Center for current information. Premiums for the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) are paid as part of registration fees. This is a comprehensive group health plan mandatory for all graduate students. Students who have health insurance benefits equal to or better than those provided by SHIP may be waived from the SHIP requirement by following the correct procedures.

Live Well UC San Diego

LiveWell UC San Diego supports students in achieving a more balanced and healthy lifestyle in the areas of intellectual, physical, occupational, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, and environmental wellness.

Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination

Works to resolve complaints of discrimination and/or harassment through informal resolution or formal investigation.

Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Resource Center

The Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center (SARC) envisions a world free of violence. To that end, through policy development and campus-wide collaborations, we are committed to providing education and support services that empower students, faculty, and staff. SARC is dedicated to creating a safe and respectful community that does not tolerate sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking.

SARC offers workshops on violence prevention for the entire UCSD campus and provides free and confidential services for students impacted by violence, with a focus on survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.

Other Resources

Lab Safety

Lab Safety Video (Produced by Dr. Haim Weizman)

Research Tools

Avogadro - Free Cross-Platform Molecule Editor

Presentation Articles

Speaking, presenting, poster tips (UCSD Library Resources)

Public Speaking Resources at UCSD

Center for Student Involvement - Communication and Leadership

Mentorship Opportunities

Learn more about Professional, Alumni, and Departmental Mentorship at UCSD

UCSD Library

UCSD library services and resources, setting up remote access

Engaged Learning Tools
A suite of tools to help students navigate finding a real job (REAL Portal), marketing their experiences to future employers (Portfolium), validates their Co-Curricular Experiences on campus (CCR), and lastly, provides additional contextual information about a student's courses and instructors (Enhanced Electronic Transcript). More information about these tools can be found in the Triton Link tools, under Engaged Learning Tools section.

Alumni Advisor Network
A tool to help students network and connect with alumni in their industry of choice. It provides an opportunity to receive resume feedback, informational interviews, and mock interviews from alumni.

Big Interview
This is a tool for students to learn best practices when interviewing through video tutorials and online modules. It provides real time practice with a computerized person that will interact with and interview the student. The interview can then be recorded and share with a mentor/colleague/friend who then can provide feedback on how the student could improve.

Versatile PhD

Online career website to assist graduate students in exploring career opportunities

A tool to help students market their skill sets and competencies to future employers in a visual interaction way. This tool helps supplement additional information that a resume leaves out. It also serves as a job search tool. A student can actually apply for jobs using Portfolium and send entries from their accounts to future employers.

Careers in Chemistry:  What Can I Do with a Ph.D.?

George O'Neil, ACS Career Consultant

Ben Pratt, Medicinal Chemist, Dart Neuroscience

Kevin Capps, Associate, Intellectual Property, Sheppard Mullin

Steven F. Hahn, Research Fellow, Dow Chemical

Barbara Sawrey, Faculty and Administration, UC San Diego

Scholarly Publishing

M.G. Finn, Scripps - Basics in Scholarly Publishing

Bruce E. Maryanoff - Basics In Scholarly Publishing

Resume Writing

George O'Neil, ACS Career Consultant

George O'Neil, ACS Career Consultant

Ongoing Opportunities

Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA)

The San Diego IRACDA is a program to provide training to those interested in honing their research and teaching skills.

International Student Resources

International Students & Programs Office

The International Students & Programs Office promotes intercultural engagement and provides services for UC San Diego's international students to achieve academic, personal, and professional success.

English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD)

The EAPD program is for high-intermediate to advanced level non-native speakers who would like to refine their English language skills. 

Courses that tend to be most useful for international students are: