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Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Advising

At Chemistry & Biochemistry Academic Advising we can assist you with:

  • Educational planning and goal setting
  • Understanding major  requirements
  • Navigating academic policies and procedures

All current students must submit advising questions via the VAC. If you are not a UC San Diego student, please contact us at


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OSD Procedures

Students with a documented disability may be eligible for testing accommodations. The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is responsible for determining reasonable accommodation based on the individual’s current functional limitations. Only students who have been issued an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter by the OSD are eligible for accommodations. Students are responsible for promptly meeting with OSD quarterly and ensuring that their AFA letters are finalized, up-to-date, and are received by the OSD liaison and their professors. 

The Chemistry OSD Liaison ( will work directly with the student and instructor to facilitate exam accommodations for courses offered by the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

For more information visit our OSD Procedures page.

Transfer Credit

Receiving credit from an outside institution is very common. Please follow the instructions depending on your case scenario to ensure that you receive credit for the courses you have completed.

For a more detail description of course credit transfer, visit ourTransfer Credit page.


For more information visit the Enrollment and Registration Calendar.

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