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Lab Course Information 

For information regarding chemistry lab add/drop deadlines, lab safety exams, attendance at the first lab section, and fees for all chemistry laboratory courses, please see our lab policy page

CHEM 123 (Spring 2020)

Space in CHEM 123 is limited. Most seats are saved for graduating Molecular Synthesis seniors. If you were planning to take this course to fulfill a lab elective, we highly recommend choosing another lab (e.g. CHEM 100B or CHEM 108). For any questions, please contact us through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).

2019-2020 Announcements

Effective Fall 2019: CHEM 126A and CHEM 126B

Effective FA19, CHEM 127 and CHEM 126 have been renumbered to CHEM 126A and 126B, respectively.  There is a change in the courses such that they are now required to be completed sequentially, and the pre-requisites have changed such that MATH 10C and PHYS 1C are accepted (in addition to CHEM 6C/6CH, MATH 20C, and PHYS 2C). Please see below for the full details. In the 2020-2021 academic year, each course will only be offered twice: CHEM 126A in FA20 and WI21 and CHEM 126B in WI21 and SP21.

CHEM 126A (previously 127), Physical Biochemistry I: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Biomolecules

This course covers thermodynamics and kinetics of biomolecules from fundamental principles to biomolecular applications. Topics include thermodynamics, first and second laws, chemical equilibrium, solutions, kinetic theory, enzyme kinetics. Prerequisites: (CHEM6C or CHEM6CH) and (PHYS1C or PHYS2C) and (MATH10C or MATH20C)

CHEM 126B (previously 126), Physical Biochemistry II: Quantum and Statistical Mechanics of Biomolecules

This course covers quantum and statistical mechanics of biomolecules. Topics include quantum mechanics, molecular structure, spectroscopy fundamentals and applications to biomolecules, optical spectroscopy, NMR, and statistical approaches to protein folding. Prerequisites: CHEM126A or CHEM127.


Effective Fall 2017: Organic Chemistry Renumbering

CHEM 140A, 140B (BH), 140C (CH), 143A and 143AM have been renumbered to CHEM 40A, 40B (BH), 40C (CH), 43A and 43AM, respectively. For more information on this change, please visit our FAQ page.

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