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COVID-19 Updates

Please visit our COVID-19 page for policy updates that are applicable to the 2020/21 Academic Year.


WI21-SP21 CHEM 7L Participation Policy

Please note that the CHEM 7L lab sections have been approved to be offered in remote synchronous format only; asynchronous participation in lab sections will not be permitted. The reason for this format is to enhance learning of laboratory-based material in this unusual remote environment. In this remote synchronous format, students must attend the lab section in which they are enrolled. To accommodate all students, remote lab sections have been expanded and are offered over a wide range of times that are not typically available during in-person quarters. We will monitor enrollment in lab sections to help ensure that students are able to enroll in their preferred lab section. In the rare instance where an unexpected conflict, such as illness or internet/computer issues, prevents a student from attending their enrolled section on a given day, the student will be given the opportunity to make up the missed section by attending an alternate section that has been assigned in consultation with the instructor. This synchronous format applies to lab sections and all assessments related to lab sections. Lectures will continue to be offered in asynchronous format.


WI21 CHEM 40B (Klosterman) Course Policy

Pre-recorded lectures will be available online for asynchronous viewing (aka a flipped class). Scheduled class times will be used for interactive problem and review sessions with Prof. Klosterman via zoom. Attendance is optional and all zoom sessions will be recorded for later viewing. Discussion attendance (in-person or online) is optional but strongly encouraged so that you will be able to benefit from peer-to-peer learning and TA guidance. All assignments and assessments will be available and submitted online. There will be two semi-synchronous "in-class" midterm exams that will be administered online during regularly scheduled class times on Thursday, January 28 and Thursday, February 18. The Final Exam will also be semi-synchronous and administered online during the scheduled date/time. Alternate exam dates/times will not be offered. 


FA20 P/NP Grading Exception 

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is pleased to announce that all Chemistry/Biochemistry majors will be allowed to use “P” grades towards major coursework taken in the Fall 2020 (FA20) term. 


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