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Restricted Chemistry & Biochemistry Courses

Restricted Chemistry & Biochemistry Courses

The following courses are restricted to majors within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry:

  • CHEM 7LM
  • CHEM 143B
  • CHEM 143C

If you are majoring outside of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, you may request permission to enroll in a restricted course via the EASy system. Enrollment for non-majors will be considered once second pass has started for all students. Approval is subject to space availability. If the class you're requesting is at full capacity, your request will not be approved.

The following course is restricted to students with Freshman and Sophomore standing: 

  • CHEM 4

Students classified as Juniors or Seniors due to transfer units can submit an EASy request for enrollment during their first or second pass enrollment. Additionally, Juniors and Seniors interested in taking the course can also submit an EASy request. Please note that these requests will only be reviewed once the second pass enrollment has concluded for all continuing and new students.