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Dehydration and Rehydration of Copper Sulfate


Small bottle of Copper Sulfate

Crystalizing Dish (med sized about 125 x 65)

Scoopula with Handle

Large Crucible

Large Bunsen burner

Rinse bottle with DI Water

Cricible Tongs

Heat resistant Gloves

Gloves and Goggles



  1. Place the copper sulfate in the crucible.  Let the class see that it has a blue color.
  2. Heat the crucible on the bunsen burner while stirring the copper sulfate with the scoopula.
  3. It will take about 5 minutes to drive off the water.  The dried Copper sulfate has a tendancy to stick to the sides of the crucible and needs to be moved around to dry effectively.
  4. Once the Copper Sulfate has turned all or mostly white, pour it into the crystalizing dish and hold that up for the class to see.
  5. Place the crystalizing dish on the overhead and stir while squirting the mixture with water.
  6. The parts that get wet turn blue





Waste Management

The Copper Sulfate can be placed back into the bottle (marked USED), and reused for this demonstration.