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Enrollment & Registration


Go on WebReg to enroll in 12 units. If you miss the enrollment deadline, (see Enrollment & Registration Calendars), you will be assessed a $50 late penalty. If you miss the enrollment deadline, you usually also then miss the Registration deadline (see below), and will have another $50 in penalties assessed.

Check out this tutorial to learn the basics of enrolling in classes.


You must first have enrolled (see above) before the system knows how much to bill for fees. Fees must then be paid by the deadline or a $50 penalty will be assessed. YOU must pay any balance of fees by this deadline. Students assigned to TA may be eligible to have the fee balance paid out over a couple of paychecks, but they must turn in the TA Fee Deferment request by that quarter’s deadline. See Shelley Weisel for assistance with this form.

What to Take

  • Minimum of 12 units upper-division and grad courses (courses numbered 100+ or 200+), unless approved for part-time study (see next bullet). Lower-divisions course units do NOT count toward the MS units OR toward the 12 unit requirement; grades earned in those DO count in your overall GPA.
  • A maximum of 12 upper-division units can count towards the Coursework MS and a maximum of 4 upper-division units for the Thesis MS.
  • MS students must complete a minimum of 36 units every three quarters, as a full-time student. If you wish to take 6 or fewer units in any quarter, you must fill in a Half-Time Study form; please do this prior to the Registration deadline (see above). Remember that those registered in fewer than 12 units are NOT eligible for full support that quarter, including pay as a TA or as a graduate research assistant. Please come to the Student Affairs Office, York 4010, for assistance or questions.
  • Take ALL classes for a letter grade (e.g., A, B, etc.) unless offered S/U only.
  • Lecture courses: As chosen in consultation with your MS faculty advisor.
  • Chem 500 (TEACHING, 4 units): Enroll every quarter you are assigned to TA. CHEM 509 (Teaching Training, 2 units): Enroll in this weekly TA Training Seminar only the first quarter you TA in our department.
  • Coursework MS students may enroll in Chem 297 (NON-THESIS RESEARCH, 4 units): MS grads who opt to enroll in this must first get permission from the faculty with whom they wish to do non-thesis research and complete the Chemistry 297 MS Research Application Form. Chem 297 is for students who will spend an entire quarter in one lab.
  • Thesis MS students enroll in Chem 251 (GROUP MEETING, 2 units): Thesis MS students enroll in Chem 251 units every quarter AFTER officially joining a group. There is a number of faculty members associated with each section ID of Chem 251; the Schedule of Classes shows all the faculty affiliated with each section ID, but WebReg shows only one of the faculty. For this reason, you need to use the Schedule of Classes to figure out the correct section ID for your adviser. Links to the Schedule of Classes and WebReg can be found on the TritonLink web page.
  • Thesis MS students enroll in Chem 299 (THESIS RESEARCH, up to 12 units/quarter).
  • For more information, please visit the Good Academic Standing and Probation page from the Graduate Division.